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Istanbul, the former capital of Turkey, is a unique city, which throughout history has been known as Constantinople, and has seen many influences. The cultural mix present in this city at the crossroads of East and West still fascinates numerous visitors today. Exploring this great city in the best way possible, learning about its history and culture, is as complex as this city itself. If you want to visit Istanbul, it may be advantageous to have a tour guide accompany you during your visit to learn more about the sultans’ life in Topkapı Palace, to learn in detail about Hagia Sophia’s transitions until today, or to discover the stories of the halls of Dolmabahçe.

The benefits of travelling with a tour guide are more than we imagine.

Here are the 7 significant advantages of travelling with a guide:

  1.  It is simple to memorize facts or look them up on the internet. Hiring a guide will inform you much more than that, including local insights, traditions, history, and up-to-date factual knowledge about the locations.You will have a richer, deeper understanding of the places you visit since the guides will be able to explain to you the history and context of the places you see from an insider perspective, as well as answer any questions you may have about them.
  2.  Thanks to time planning, you will see more places than you can see. The tour guide uses the time in the most accurate way. He/She plans everything from when and where you need to be to how long you should spend time for toilet breaks. In consequence, you get less tired and have the opportunity to rest more.
  3.  You will be in less trouble, because in a country where you do not know the system, you can even be punished for things that seem quite ridiculous and funny to you. The tour guide, who plans everything during your visit, will also give you advice about the rules.
  4.  As the tour guides have travelled the place many times before, they know the interesting spots to see, fascinating areas to give more attention.
  5.  You will not have to wait in long lines in front of the museum. With your pre-arranged ticket, you can quickly get inside with the tour guide.
  6.  Sometimes the most striking things are these details pointed out by someone who knows the city like the back of their hands. A passage, a plaque, an anecdote ... Things seemingly innocuous, linked to an event in history or to a superstition, for example, that we remember for all our lives.
  7.  If you're alone, taking a guided tour is a great way to socialize with fellow travellers. It's easy to bond during lunch break, for example. Who knows, maybe you will want to travel a bit with some afterwards? ​

To sum up, having a tourist guide on your travels enriches your experience. They assist you to see the best version of the places you are visiting. With Istanbul Tourist Pass, in addition to which offers access to 50+ top attractions, experiences, and services; you have the chance to visit 12 must-see places with a tour guide. An amazing skip-the-line guided tour of these historically unique places will help you to learn and discover more. Let’s get your Pass now and start to plan your trip!

Millions of visitors are in search of a dreamy Istanbul holiday and they want to experience the best in Istanbul. At this point, our only goal as Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ is to happily host Istanbul travelers in this city.


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