Private Soganlı Valley Tour with Rock-Cut Churches

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Private Soganlı Valley Tour with Rock-Cut Churches


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Soğanlı is a tranquil valley with cave churches from the 10th and 11th centuries and courtyard monasteries. The secluded valley is about an hour's drive from Göreme and is located forty kilometers southeast of Nevşehir. The valley matches the Ihlara Valley and the Göreme Open Air Museum in terms of historical significance and scenic beauty but sees far less tourism.

There are more than 20 churches in the area's historic rock-cut town (about ten are notable). Numerous pigeon houses and Roman-era burials can also be seen on the valley rocks.

The SoğanlıValley is the perfect place to go hiking in tranquility and take in the historic churches. Most visitors stay for just two hours, although a full day should be spent here.

About The Private Soganlı Valley Tour with Rock-Cut Churches

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Today A charming Turkish town called Soğanlı may be found in Kayseri's Yeşilhisar neighborhood. For driving instructions, Google Maps accurately identifies the valley entrance (but misplaces all the churches).

Follow the directions on the right from the major road leading from Güzelöz. You go through the contemporary Soğanlı settlement for several kilometers before reaching the park's entrance. The old village plaza, which is now deserted, stands right after the entrance.

Within the Valley

The ancient village's location was hundreds of caves and stone rooms above the town center. A masonry room was then constructed in front of the hillside rooms using the quarried stones that were used to construct the residences. Below the residences is the foundation of a church from the sixth century. The different monasteries and churches were constructed close to the village's core.

The road divides along the two creeks at the former village square. The churches of Karabaş and Snake (Canavar) are on the right; from there, you can walk to the Domed (Kubbeli) and Hidden (Sakli) Churches. Han, St. Barbara Church, and Geyikli Monastery may all be found by turning left.

Visit Buckle and Sky Churches on your way out; they are approximately a kilometer past the entrance as you leave. St. Barbara Church, Geyikli Monastery, Karabaş Kilise, Domed Church, and Hidden Church are the top attractions to see if you're short on time.


Soandos was a sizable, militarily significant agricultural village in the early Roman era. The greatest method for dating the settlement is by the design and artwork of churches. In the heart of Soğanlı, above the point where the creeks merge, was Ak Kilise, the city's first church. During World War I, this single-naved rock chapel from the sixth century was demolished. Therefore, the society was wealthy enough to employ a talented architects as early as the 500s. Soandos suffered a fall during Arab raids in the 600s and 700s, much like the rest of Cappadocia. The region reappeared during the Middle Byzantine Period (c. 900–1100 AD). Most courtyard complexes and cave chapels were constructed between 920 and 1020 AD.

The church inscriptions make clear how significant Soandos was to the soldiers. Unusual for Cappadocia, three churches were constructed by notable military and political individuals. Basil, a military official in Byzantium, constructed St. Barbara Church. The Geyikli monastery was founded by John Skepides, who may have resided in Han across the creek. The titles "counsel of the chrysotriklinion, advisor, and commander" was given to him. Michael Skepides, a relative of his, made a sizable donation to Karabaş Kilise. His gift funded the final layer paintingsift. This Skepides family served as the local authorities in the region, maybe as military employees of Constantinople.

The 10th and 11th centuries saw significant military activity at ancient Soandos. Cappadocia served as a vital base as the courts of Constantinople marched eastward into Persia to retake lost lands. A significant town in the Byzantine expansion was Soandos. Local rulers reaped the benefits of imperial expansion and invested their wealth in the construction of monasteries and cathedrals.

Greek Christians continued to live in the old monastic communities even after the Seljuk Turks conquered the area in 1070, although they had little money to add on. Christians were present in this area up to the fifteenth century, judging by the Canavar Kilise paintings.

Turkish farmers moved into the region during the Ottoman era. The old settlement was given the new name Soğanlı, which translates to "with onions." Nowadays, the majority of people live 1-2 km downstream, where there is more open space.

Soğanlı is a historic settlement in a serene valley with cave churches and monasteries. Another feature of the landscape is a thriving agricultural community. The nicest feature of Soğanlı is its rural position, which is just far enough away to prevent it from being overrun by large groups of visitors taking selfies. Because of this, Soğanlı is a good place to go if you want to visit historic caves in peace and quiet.

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Private Soganlı Valley Tour with Rock-Cut Churches Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my children or the elderly to this tour?

Yes. The tour is available and suitable for everyone desiring to explore. The only thing you should watch out for is the duration, which is five hours. If your loved ones are okay with traveling for around five hours, they are surely welcome!

Can I pay extra to expand the duration?

No, the tour dates and durations are default and cannot be changed.

Do I need any equipment?

The tour does not require equipment other than your desire to record the unique experience. So, if you wish to record the memories and keep them forever professionally, you might bring some good-quality cameras.

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