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Terms and Conditions | Cappadocia Travel Pass

1-Responsibilities of Cappadocia Travel Pass®

Cappadocia Travel Pass® is a brand of Cityberry® Tourism Agency, a registered member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) with License Number: 11745.

- By purchasing the Cappadocia Travel Pass® and any additional services included therein, users are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth by Cityberry Travel agency.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® acts solely as a ticket distributor and is not the organizer or "provider" of events, as defined by the Consumer Protection Law.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® bears responsibility solely for sales and ticket distribution.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® cannot be held liable for any loss or damages related to the event/attraction/show/service provider (hereafter referred to as "Attraction").

- Tickets, whether physical or electronic, are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® is not responsible for lost or damaged tickets.

2-Email Communication:

- Upon completing a purchase, users acknowledge that Cityberry Travel has the right to send transaction and notification emails.

- Users also consent to the sharing of their contact details with third parties for the provision of services and benefits.

3-Attractions / Services

- Terms & Conditions of Attractions may vary and are determined by the respective provider.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® customers are bound by the terms & conditions of Attractions (available on the website of each attraction) when utilizing their Cappadocia Travel Pass®.

- Operating hours of Attractions may vary, and users are advised to verify directly with the relevant attraction.

- Cappadocia Travel Pass® reserves the right to remove events, attractions, or shows from its services. In such cases, no refunds will be issued.

4- Guided Tours

- Guided Museum Tours require advance reservation and the accompaniment of certified tour guides. Guests must adhere to the Guided Tours Timetable.

- Users must refrain from disrupting guided tours. Cityberry Travel reserves the right to exclude disruptive individuals from the tour.

- Users are responsible for arriving punctually at the meeting point. Latecomers may not be permitted to join the tour.

- Users traveling from abroad are solely responsible for possessing necessary travel documents and adhering to health regulations.

5- Returns & Cancellations

- Orders can be canceled up to 24 hours before the Pass usage begins ("Cancellation Period"), either one day before the nearest reservation or before the user visits any attractions.

- Cancellation requests after the Cancellation Period are subject to no refund.

- Services must be used according to their terms written in their attraction page.

- No refunds for services where users bought a single entry ticket at attraction ticket offices. (including infant cost which has to be purchased at the entrance of the attractions)

- Reservation needed attractions require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Within 24 hours of the starting time of the attraction there will be no refund. No show will apply.

- Delivered Public Transportation cards are non-refundable by the policies of the service provider ‘Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’.

- Without differing cancellation conditions, the following apply for all services and attractions: A 5% admission fee applies to all cancellations, including add-on services. Less than 24 hours or no-show: No refund.

- Refund requests must be applied via the [email protected] email address including Pass Reference ID or any relevant documents to the user's order.

6- Extraordinary Cancellation

- Cityberry Travel reserves the right to cancel the activity on the agreed date without notice if weather conditions, official mandates, strikes or other unforeseeable or unavoidable external conditions, especially force majeure, make the execution of the activity impossible, considerably more difficult, or endanger it. In such cases, the order can be rescheduled.

7- Exclusion of Participation

Cityberry Travel reserves the right to refuse users' participation in activities or exclude them if they fail to meet participation requirements, pose a danger to themselves or others, or engage in behaviors that disrupt tours (such as under the influence of drugs or alcohol). This policy extends to users referred by others. In such instances, refunds will not be issued for the paid price.

8- Time Zone

- Cityberry Travel's time zone is authoritative for all time and deadline calculations.

- Time zone in İstanbul (GMT+3)

9 - Changes to these General Terms and Conditions

- The Terms and Conditions governing the services, tours, and other tourist services outlined in Section 3 may be modified at any time without prior notice for future bookings. Each booking is subject to the specific conditions applicable at that time. Users agree to adhere to the terms in effect at the time of usage, regardless of the terms accepted at the time of purchase.)

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