Private Ihlara Valley and Underground City Tour

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Private Ihlara Valley and Underground City Tour

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The archaeological site in Ihlara Valley The canyon known as Ihlara Valley, which is part of the Güzelyurt district in the Aksaray province, holds a prominent place among the world's canyons. Ihlara Valley, which has a length of 14 kilometers, a depth that varies from place to place 120 meters, and a thousand different habitats, is unique among canyons in that it has the distinction of being the largest canyon in the world where people have historically resided. Ihlara Valley, with its numerous churches, easy-to-dig shelters created from the valley's surrounding rocks, and the development of fairy chimneys, has historically been one of the most significant cultural and civilizational centers in the entire world. When you leave the valley, you come across a special beauty, fairy chimneys, and Selime (goodness) Cathedral.

About The Private Ihlara Valley and Underground City Tour

Discounted Price - 310€ Per/Person

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Duration - 7 Hours

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Visiting Period - June to October

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Exploring the ancient history of the Ihlara Valley and underground city

Discovering a new way to learn more about Cappadocia


7 hours of private tour experience

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The cats' mummies In the past, embalmment was produced in the Cappadocia region, just as it had in ancient Egypt. In the Ihlara Valley, a total of 17 mummies have been found thus far. Twelve of them are on display in the Aksaray Museum, and the remaining five are in the Nide Museum. Typically, the mummies come from between the 10th and 13th centuries. In the name of "Bast," the Goddess with a cat head, cat embalming was done. The practice of embalming cats was still practiced in the Cappadocia region, and it had spread across Anatolia. The Aaçalt Church (Daniel Pantanassa) The arms of the cross are covered by cradle squinches and the central area of the construction with the free cross plan is covered by a high hooped dome set on squinches. The frescoes are believed to have been created between the ninth and eleventh centuries, which is the time before iconoclasm. Scenes like the Annunciation, Nativity, Adoration of the Three Maggies, Flight into Egypt, Holy Baptism, Koimesis (Mary's death), and Ascension are shown in the figures. Church of Krkdamalt (H. Georgios) Ihlara Valley's Belisirma Village is where it is situated. The flat roof of the unorthodoxly hexagonal church is concavely etched in the direction of the apse to the east. The entryway is made up of the demolished apse. The original door is on the northern wall. During the reigns of Sultan Mesut II and Emperor Andronikos II, from 1283 to 1295, Lady Tamar, Amirarzes Basileios' wife, painted the chapel. The figurines depict the scene of the Deesis, the Metamorphosis, the Ascension, and Mesut II's likeness.

Underground Cities

The purpose of the underground settlements was to shield the citizens from outside attacks while allowing thousands of people to live their lives in complete privacy. The caves offered Christians refuge from the terror of the Mongolians during the attacks on Timur in the 14th century. In addition, they made it possible for people to protect themselves from persecution during the Ottoman Empire even in the 20th century.

The underground cities weren't totally abandoned until 1923, following the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, and they weren't rediscovered until 1963. According to the legend, the remainder of history began when a resident discovered a weird place inside his home hidden behind a wall.

Underground City of Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu, one of Cappadocia's most well-known underground settlements, was established during the Byzantine period when its residents used it as a defense against Muslim Arabs during the Arab-Byzantine Wars between 780 and 1180 CE. The multi-level metropolis, which was made up of several passages and caverns and was located around 60 meters (197 feet) below the surface, could house some 20,000 people together with their cattle and food. It's undoubtedly Cappadocia's deepest underground city (and in all of Turkey). In 1969, Derinkuyu was made accessible to tourists, albeit with just half of the city visible.

The city once featured two substantial stone doors that could be shut from the inside in the event of an emergency. Although they may have been in hiding, the people had full lives, just as they would have in an above-ground town, as evidenced by the discovery of wine cellars, stables, and chapel ruins. A vast room with vaulted ceilings that is thought to have been a religious school with separate study rooms is one of Derinkuyu's most stunning locations. A complex system of tunnels also connected Derinkuyu to the other underground settlements.

Underground City of Kaymak

The Kaymakli Underground City, which was formerly known as Enegup in antiquity, served as a refuge for locals throughout the Arab-Byzantine Wars for several decades. It substantially grew throughout this period, eventually becoming Turkey's largest underground city. According to estimates, Kaymakli's population peaked at about 3,500 people.

It was given Unesco World Heritage status in 1985 after being made accessible to the public in 1964. Even though it descends eight floors, only the first four, which are located around 20 meters (66 feet) below ground, are accessible to visitors. Nevertheless, it gives an intriguing view of the past. The wealthier family typically resided closer to the surface. You'll pass by stables, storage spaces (some of which are still in use today), historic residences, a church, and communal kitchens while touring Kaymakli, where meals were formerly mass-prepared for the city's inhabitants.

You'll also come across many enormous, rounded stones once rolled in front of doorways as barricades to shield the locals from potential attacks as you meander through this underground maze. Finally, keep an eye out for the blue and red arrows that direct you upward and downward to prevent getting lost.

If you're claustrophobic, keep in mind that Kaymakli's tunnels are noticeably narrower, lower, and more inclined than those of its neighboring underground city, Derinkuyu. The two are actually connected by a 9 km (5.6 mph) tunnel, but visitors cannot access it. However, if you want to see both Kaymakli and Derinkuyu in one day, it's simple enough to drive between them in just ten minutes.

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Private Ihlara Valley and Underground City Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my children to this tour?

Yes. The tour is available and suitable for everyone desiring to explore. The only thing you should watch out for is the duration, which is seven hours. If your loved ones are okay with traveling for around seven hours, they are surely welcome!

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There is no age restriction. Please keep in mind that tour lasts 7 hours.

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