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The word Cappadocia first occurs in writing in the late 6th century BC, when it is listed as one of the nations (Old Persian dahyu-) of the Persian Empire in the trilingual inscriptions of two early Achaemenid rulers, Darius I and Xerxes. The Old Persian word used in these listings of nations is Katpatuka. It was suggested that Kat-patuka was a Luwian word for "Low Country" in origin. The adverb katta, which means "below, below," is thought to be entirely Hittite, although its Luwian equivalent is zanta. As a result, the most current revision of this suggestion uses the Hittite katta peda-, which means literally "place below," as a point of departure for the elaboration of the toponym Cappadocia. The phonetic shape of Kat-patuka and the preceding derivation from Iranian Hu-aspa-dahyu, which means "Land of fine horses," are difficult to reconcile. There have also been a few more etymologies proposed in the past.

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Cappadocia Private Transfer

The Greeks called them "White Syrians" (Leucosyri), who were most likely descended from the Hittites, while the Persians referred to them as Cappadocians. This is according to Herodotus. The biblical character Meshech, son of Japheth, is connected by Flavius Josephus with one of the Cappadocian tribes, the Moschoi: "and Mosoch founded the Mosocheni; now they are Cappadocians."

Eastern Anatolia, the region that is now Turkey's heartland, is where Cappadocia is located. The landscape is made up of volcanic peaks that rise over 1000 meters above sea level, with Mount Erciyes (ancient Argaeus) located close to Kayseri (ancient Caesarea), the tallest at 3916 meters. Historical Cappadocia's borders are hazy, especially to the west. The Taurus Mountains separate Cappadocia from the Mediterranean Sea and form a border with Cilicia to the south. Lycaonia in the southwest and Galatia in the northwest are the former regions that encircle Cappadocia to the west. Cappadocia has a distinctly continental climate with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters because of its interior location and high altitude. The area is mostly semi-arid and receives little rainfall.

The upper affluents of the Sarus and Pyramus rivers, the middle course of the Halys River, and the entire course of the later-named Tokhma Su tributary were all found in Cappadocia. However, none of these rivers had a significant role in the province's history because none of them were navigable or used to fertilize the fields they passed through.


In the late Bronze Age, Cappadocia was referred to as Hatti and was home to the Hittite empire, with its capital at Hattusa. A kind of feudal aristocracy ruled Cappadocia after the fall of the Hittite Empire and the decline of the Syro-Cappadocians (Mushki) following their defeat by the Lydian king Croesus in the 6th century BC. They lived in powerful castles and kept the peasants in servile conditions, which later made them susceptible to foreign slavery. It continued to be ruled by its own kings, none of whom appeared to be supreme over the entire nation and all of whom were more or fewer tributaries of the Great King. It was included in the third Persian satrapy in the partition created by Darius.

Turkish Cappadocia

After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, a number of Turkish clans led by the Seljuks started settling in Anatolia. Cappadocia gradually became a tributary to the Turkish states that were founded to the east and the west as Turkish authority increased in Anatolia; some of the indigenous population converted to Islam[24], with the remainder making up the residual Cappadocian Greek community. The Anatolian Seljuks had established their solitary rule over the area by the end of the early 12th century. The Ottoman Empire gradually superseded the Konya-based Seljuks after their decline and fall in the second half of the 13th century, and the Beylik of Karaman, another Turkic-ruled kingdom, followed. Cappadocia was still a part of the Ottoman Empire until 1922 when it was integrated into the Turkish Republic. When a new urban center, Nevşehir, was established as the region's capital in the early 18th century by a grand vizier who was a native of the area (Nevşehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha), a position the city still plays today, a fundamental change happened between those two periods. The Greek language was still spoken (Sille, the villages near Kayseri, Pharasa town, and other nearby villages) was greatly influenced by the Turkish spoken nearby. Meanwhile, many former Cappadocians had switched to a Turkish dialect (written in the Greek alphabet, Karamanlca). Cappadocian Greek is the name given to this kind of Eastern Roman Greek. Those who still associated with this pre-Islamic culture of Cappadocia were forced to leave after Turkey was founded in 1922; hence this language is now only spoken by a small number of their descendants, most of whom are now located in contemporary Greece.

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