Romantic Gondola Tour on the Red River

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Are you a hopeless romantic? Then it is time to explore the romantic gondola tour on the Red River. The town of Avanos reminds you of Venice and what better way to discover it than via a gondola? This tour is great for couples and lovers to add instant romance to their Cappadocia trip.

Our sleepy town of Avanos has been transformed into a "Little Venice" due to its ambition to utilize the Kizilirmak (Red River) as a tourist destination. What if I instead claimed that Avanos had been transformed into an Ottoman "Little Bosphorus" by Kapadokya Gondola?

About The Romantic Gondola Tour on the Red River

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Duration - 30 minutes

Number of Passengers - minimum 1

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Feeling the freedom of ruling with a gondola

Discovering a new way to explore Cappadocia and Kizilirmak

Having the experience of old people who did ride the gondola

Includes and Excludes

15 minutes of Gondola experience

Transfer from/to hotel is not included


Do you have a romantic side? Then you must write Kapadokya Jet Boat & Gondola a lengthy thank-you note. Our sleepy town of Avanos has been transformed into a "Little Venice" due to its ambition to utilize the Kizilirmak (Red River) as a tourist destination. What if I instead claimed that Avanos had been transformed into an Ottoman "Little Bosphorus" by Kapadokya Gondola?

An 11 meters long, sleek, fiberglass gondola over the Red River is an unforgettable experience all Cappadocia explorers must try at least once in their lifetime! The gondola has paddles to navigate the river but there is also a small, silent motor to help you every once in a while if you need a little bit extra help.

Back in the day, Ottoman Sultans would ride gondolas over the Bosphorus and the Red River resembles Bosphorus with a unique distinction: it is in Cappadocia. To feel like an Ottoman Sultan or Princess, ride a gondola in this charming river, watch the scenery around you, take in the fairy chimneys, and just enjoy it with your loved ones. It is an unforgettable experience that will be etched onto your memory forever.

As a symbol of the splendor and majesty of the Ottoman Empire, the Sultans would sail their gondolas over the Bosphorus in the 18th and 19th centuries. There were many other boats in the Strait, but the Sultan's ship was unique. At thirty meters, it was the longest and had the most rowers—26%. With this distinction, it was clear at a look that royalty had sailed the high seas!

The Kapadokya Jet Boat and Gondola boats aren't particularly "Ottoman" big. The sleek, black, fiberglass gondolas in Avanos are just over eleven meters long, and they only need one skipper with a paddle. A tiny, silent motor onboard makes navigating the swiftly moving river easier. The gondola captain, however, is a skilled oarsman who expertly guides the boat across the river for a true Ottoman experience.

Sultan Kay's interior design resembled a floating palace. The Sultan sat down in the stern on a real throne. Visitors sat on velvet sofas that were soft and trimmed in gold embroidery. According to rumors, the gazebo-like royal canopy was 14 karats gold plated, while the open-winged eagle perched on the bow was made of real gold. His Highness' followers would kneel to him along the coast when the gondola glided across the sea because it was so magnificent! The canoe used by Indians, the gondola used by Venetians, and even the old-fashioned, classical-looking bark used by Arabs, as lovely as it is, must lose the palm to the boats of the Bosphorus because of how amazing this display was, according to a British author. - Miss Julia Pardoe, The Beauties of the Bosphorus, 1839

Now, don't anticipate seeing gazebos and thrones along the Kizilirmak's currents. The six-passenger gondolas, however, are very luxuriously furnished. You might believe you are royalty because of the plush cushions and the ancient theme carving with a gold accent. The number of tourists asking you to wave and smile for the camera will make you feel like the Sultan, even though it's unlikely that anyone will bow as you pass.

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Romantic Gondola Tour on the Red River Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gondola tour available for everyone?

Yes, since the gondola tour is much calmer and safe than the Jetboat tour, everyone, including kids and the elderly, can enjoy the time.

Should I bring types of equipment?

All safety equipment will be provided by the company if needed.

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