Sultan’s Turkish Bath Experience at Historical Ürgüp Hammam

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Sultan’s Turkish Bath Experience at Historical Ürgüp Hammam


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Ürgüp City Bath is the only historical bath in the Cappadocia region. Its architectural texture is reminiscent of a museum. Ottoman culture includes modern bath rituals and professional SPA services.

About The Sultan’s Turkish Bath Experience at Historical Ürgüp Hammam

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Visit a Historical Turkish hammam in old Cappadocia

Lay on a hot marble slab that encourages the body to release toxins

Relax and enjoy a traditional sauna, scrub & foam massage and bath

Includes and Excludes

Entrance to the hammam

Traditional bath with sauna, scrub & foam massage


Cappadocia is one of the settlements with the most historical monuments in Anatolia. One of them is the Ürgüp City Bath. According to the available historical data, it was built during the reign of Damat İbrahim Pasha between 1726 and 1727. It is called "Greek Bath" because it was built in the neighborhood where the Greeks lived at that time. The worn-out bath was restored in 1900-1902. The entrance of the bath, which is made of cut stone, is covered with a dome. The middle of the cold room is domed and there are domed shapes on the sides. Through the round-arched door, one enters the hot room with a navel stone in the middle and a private room on the sides. There is a water tank and a furnace to the west of the temperature.

Turkish and Greek peoples lived together in Ürgüp until the population exchange of 1924. It is known that the bath was used by the Greek and Turkish people of Ürgüp until the Population Exchange. The epitaph, which covers the period from its construction to its completion, consists of two parts on the marble block. The only bath in Ürgüp, which is still used today, preserves its historical structure that attracts tourists. The bath still preserves its originality. There are two texts in Greek and Karamanli in its inscription.

In the Greek text;

 “Our one and only homeland built this bath for you as the donations of its children and the betrothal of lovers. O youth, this is an admirable work of unity that prepares your happy future. 


In the Karamanli text; 

"Asr-i Sultan-i Hamid-i Sani is an honorary world. Thanks to the shadman of Dehri (the property manager of the time), it was built. Our people presented this bath. I need it, he said. There are the phrases of "the master of skill" that makes the work of Haralambos Hacı Savva (his master is Harambolos Hacı Savva) from here and from the country. 


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