Nevsehir Museum Entrance

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Nevsehir Museum Entrance


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A Museum to Understand the Culture of Cappadocia

The Museum is dedicated to archaeology and the other to ethnography. Items from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic Bronz, Phrygia, Urartu, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras are on display in the archaeological area. Additionally, there are some objects from Cyprus, Iran, and Mesopotamia. Tools for illumination, handwritten books, weaponry, regional clothing made by locals, ornaments, and cooking tools are on show in the ethnography section.

About The Nevsehir Museum Entrance

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Entrance to Nevsehir Museum



The majority of the excavations in the region's finds are on display at the Nevsehir Museum, which first opened its doors in 1988. Definitely a must-see for history and archeology enthusiasts. Archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions are also included at the museum. Animal bones and fossils from older periods are shown on the bottom level. Of particular interest are the marine species discovered in Cappadocia's south, which appear to indicate that the area was once an inland sea.

According to their various ages, the museum's ground floor is where the archaeological artifacts are displayed. It has exquisite artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine and Ottoman eras that are exceptionally well maintained. Additionally fascinating are collections of coins, medals, and stone steles from various eras.

The ethnographic exhibition hall, which is on the museum's top level, typically displays ceramics, clothing, weapons, kitchenware, and ornaments from the Seljuk and Ottoman eras. The area of priceless antique texts is typically the most beautiful element of this room. In summary, this museum serves as a living memorial to Cappadocia as well as a means of preserving and praising its past.

Hours & Meeting

Open every day

Opening time: 08:00

Closing time: 17:00

How To Get There?

350 Evler Mahallesi, Yeni kayseriCaddesi, Türbe Sokak No :1

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All About Nevsehir Museum Entrance

The primary school and the soup kitchen, both of which are a component of the Damat Ibrahim Pasha Complex, were converted into a museum and made accessible to the public in 1967. The museum relocated to its permanent home within the Cultural Centre in 1987. In the archaeological exhibition hall, artifacts from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze, Iron, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Mesopotamian periods, as well as bronze, silver, and gold coins from various eras, are displayed.

Excavations at the Nevşehir Kurugöl and Avanos Topakli Mound produced archaic and Hellenistic artifacts. These include clay crater-shaped pots, plates, kylix, pyxides, and lekythoi that have been dyed black. Among the collection's notable pieces are the tear bottles, bracelets, glasses, and beads in various forms from the Roman Period. Additionally discovered from this time period are earthenware terracottas, tear bottles, marble goddess and Apollo statuettes, and oil lamps. The Byzantine Period section features objects carved from mother of pearl, bronze reliquaries, glass and bronze bracelets, and more.

By way of donation, prehistoric artifacts from Mesopotamia and Cyprus were transferred to the Nevşehir Museum. Starting with Greek coins, the Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman era coins as well as the Spanish Ducats that were accidentally discovered in At Town near Nevşehir are displayed in our museum's coin department. In the Ethnographic Exhibition Hall, which showcases Anatolian culture, are folkloric artifacts from Nevşehir and its surrounding area.

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Nevsehir Museum Entrance Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to see in Nevsehir Museum?

The museum contains two showrooms: one for archaeology and one for ethnography. There are numerous things to see, including animal fossils and bones from prehistoric animals as well as porcelain, clothing, weaponry, cooking utensils, and jewelry.

Was Cappadocia region an inland see back in history?

Yes, and you can find the evidence in the Nevsehir Museum which exhibits fossils of marine species found in the south of Cappadocia, which seems to show that the region was once an inland sea.

Is it worth visiting Nevsehir Museum?

Yes although we are aware the museum looks a bit old-fashioned, the artifacts in it are just amazing to see. Discover the artifacts and ignore the lighting, it is definitely a must-see place.

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