Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site Entrance

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Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site Entrance

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Let's Dig in Archeology and Witness the History

One of Cappadocia's largest communities once resided at the incredible open-air museum known as Zelve-Paşabalar Archaeological Site. Because of the town square, you may stroll through historic homes, churches, and non-secular chambers in this amazing cave town.

About The Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site Entrance

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Entrance to Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site



On the rugged and northern slopes of Aktepe, Zelve was established. The area where fairy chimneys are most prevalent is the Zelve Archaeological Site, which is made up of three valleys. The beginning of troglodyte life in locations with carved-out rocks, such as Üçhisar, Göreme, and avuşin, is unknown; however, Zelve became one of the major Christian settlements and centers of worship, particularly between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, and the first priestly training programs were held here. Balikli and Üzümlü Church, threshing stones used to make bulgur, and a winery are all located in the first valley of Zelve. The Holy Cross Church is located in the second valley. A mosque and a community square can be found in the third valley. The monastic complex built into a dome-shaped rock mass is the most significant aspect of the third valley. The archaeological site gains a special value from the carved pigeon houses that decorate the high hills of this valley. The Direkli Church is located where the valley exits.

The unusual fairy chimneys in "Paşabagi," originally known as "Valley of the Priests," draw notice. Chapels and lounging areas have been carved inside the multi-headed and multi-bodied fairy chimneys. A church bearing St. Simeon's name and a retreat cell has been constructed on one of the three-headed fairy chimneys. When he was supposed to be performing miracles, St. Simeon, who led a secluded life near Aleppo in the fifth century, fled from the intense interest of the populace and found refuge first on a two-meter-high column and eventually on a 15-meter-high column, where he lived.

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How To Get There?

Aktepe Köyü Zelve Açıkhava Müzesi Küme Evleri No:1 Avanos/NEVŞEHİR

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All About Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site Entrance

Between Avanos and Goreme, next to Pasabag Monks Valley, Zelve Valley is one of Cappadocia's most well-known outdoor museum locations. In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Zelve Valley Open Air Museum is one of the most well-known attractions in Cappadocia where visitors may observe sharp, wide, and pointed fairy chimneys. There are numerous historic buildings in the Zelve Valley, which is home to enormous and pointed fairy chimneys. There are human-carved monasteries, cave homes, and cathedrals to be found. You might think about hiking across the rocky portions of the valley while visiting the Zelve Open Air Museum.

One of the best spots in Cappadocia to discover and take in the most extensive fairy chimneys is Zelve Valley. Along with its magical chimneys, the valley draws visitors with its breathtaking scenery. On your vacation to Cappadocia, we highly recommend that you visit the Zelve Valley.

Paşabağ Valley sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Priests, is a fairly big area encircled by fairy chimneys in the form of mushrooms. The valley, which sees a lot of visitors, is one of the places where the renowned fairy chimneys are most intensely and visibly present. Everyone who enters the fairy-tale realm is left contemplating something due to its unusual scenery and mystical ambiance.

From its other name, it is clear that Paşabalar was once home to Christian priests who acted as missionaries. Over the course of their lives, the priests who withdrew here have built homes and holy structures. 

There is also an ancient church that has been cut into the rock and is thought to be 1,000 years old. Visitors will experience the mysterious atmosphere of the church nestled among the fairy chimneys with mushroom-shaped heads. You may see numerous retreats as soon as you approach the valley. A bit further on, you will encounter many fairy tale paths. You must be certain that every path leads to a unique tale. In the Paşaba Valley, you can gather and consume the fruits of mulberry trees while also taking in the millions of years' worth of nature's creation. The Paşaba Valley is included in the relatively accessible Zelve Ruins. 

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Zelve-Paşabağları Archaeological Site Entrance Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Zelve Open Air Museum?

Zelve Archeological Site is located around 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) from Avanos and nearly 8 kilometers (5 mi) from Goreme, the greatest spot to stay in Cappadocia. You can either hire a car or take public transportation to get there.

How long for Zelve Open-Air Museum?

It is a big site so you need to spare at least 2-3 hours to fully walk around.

Is it worth visiting Zelve - Pasabag Archeological Site?

Definitely yes, Zelve Valley is one of the best places to explore and enjoy the most intensive fairy chimneys in Cappadocia.

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