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The Top 20 Amazing Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind place to stay in Cappadocia? Why not try a cave hotel? There are plenty of incredible cave hotels in Cappadocia that maintain the region’s history while providing a uniquely modern experience. Don’t let the word ‘cave’ create scary images in your head! The cave hotels we will talk about in Cappadocia are fascinating, including both contemporary and historic features. 

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Mithra offers an amazing view of Goreme from its terrace. Incorporating both Greek and Ottoman-style cave rooms, the Anatolian decoration will keep you fascinated. Each room is designed uniquely, differing from the others. Luxury and cosiness are combined in all the rooms. You can have your breakfast every morning looking at the hot air balloons rising over the valleys and villages during sunrise. The hotel is within walking distance from Goreme, so you will feel very comfortable even without a ride. 

Artemis Cave Suites & Spa

Located in the heart of Goreme, Artemis Cave Suites & Spa is a luxury hotel with beautiful views of the city and the village. The hotel has a garden and a terrace, providing ease and guaranteed smiles. The area is popular for horse riding and cycling. Feel free to indulge in the traditional Turkish baths available in the hotel!

Carus Cappadocia

What makes this hotel unique is the nonexistence of walls in its design. The narrow streets of the village are kept as-is to display the authentic atmosphere. The interiors have a unique touch of history while keeping a sophisticated & modern feel. There are a lot of spaces in the hotel – beautiful gardens and terraces exist throughout the premises. 

Cappadocia Cave Suites

The hotel is located in the heart of Goreme, in one of the favorite parts. The hotel combines original village houses and cave homes in style. Deluxe cave rooms and suites are offered in a cosy and warm design. You can enjoy a drink or snack all day while overlooking the view. No matter how long you stay or when you visit the hotel, dining on the terrace and overlooking the balloons over the Goreme Valley will have you in awe. 

Kayakapi Premium Caves

Kayakapi is located very close to the town of Urgup, one of the favorite parts. It’s an award-winning hotel that is known to be the first boutique hotel in Cappadocia. The historic area includes a 10th-century cave church, a historic mosque dating back to the Seljuq Empire, and the house of St John along with a breathtaking Urgup/Cappadocia view. 

Kale Konak Cappadocia

Located very near Nevsehir and next to Uchisar Castle, the Kale Konak offers renovated rooms and suites with one-of-a-kind accommodations. The rooms are decorated with ancient furniture (topped with a modern touch) along with a fireplace. The Uchisar Castle nearby has great views of Capadoccia and Argeus Mountain. The cafe on the terrace offers a panoramic view of Cappadocia and Pigeon Valley where you can see the fairy chimneys. 

Asuwari Suites Cappadocia

Asuwari Suites is located in Urgup. The location is perfect: within town yet removed from the boundaries of village living. The building breathes history and luxury all at the same time. The Nikolos Monastery is nearby, about 300 meters away. The hotel scores high especially for a couple’s holiday. Time to think, relax or socialize, whichever you choose!

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Museum Hotel is set in a unique area of Uchisar and offers a “museum” experience to its guests. The unusual museum concept offers views of the valley and includes authentic accommodations furnished with countless antiques. Starting as a project of restoring caves and stone houses, the hotel has won many awards and has grown in reputation over the years.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Kelebek Hotel in Goreme offers astonishing views of the valleys and the villages. Most of these valleys and the Goreme Open Air Museum are within walking distance from the hotel. You will enjoy local traditions and a very comfortable stay. Some of the rooms are carved into the caves so they provide you with a very exceptional experience. The spacious suites include a fireplace, and the private balconies offer you views of Uchisar and Cavusin.

Divan Cave House

The hotel is located in the old part of Goreme, within a less than five-minute walk from the town center. It is also a 15-minute walk from the Göreme Open Air Museum, which makes Divan Cave House a favorite part of Goreme for most guests. It has a large magical terrace with panoramic a view of Cappadocia. Custom-made furniture provides the rooms a delightful design.

Miras Hotel

Miras hotel is another great location-right where the volcanic landscape formations and fairy chimneys take place in Goreme. The hotel’s terrace is perfect for enjoying some food or drinks while watching the sunrise/sunset. Most guests keep coming back year after year, and Miras Hotel likes to say that they are a “home away from home.”

Sultan Cave Suites

Only a five-minute walk from the town center of Goreme, the hotel is recently renovated! The rooms are carved into ancient caves, conserving history and culture while using a modern touch as well. The antique furniture of the hotel comes from all over Turkey. It’s truly a charming place to relax and learn about the beautiful Cappadocia. The panoramic views across Goreme from the terrace will have you daydreaming.

Anatolian Houses Cave Hotel

The hotel has an art concept that is unique in Cappadocia. Located in the center of Goreme, it’s on the edge of the Goreme National Park protected by UNESCO. There are hundreds of historical artifacts on this property. The rooms are equipped with works of art, fireplaces, and special frames. Guests can also relax in the Turkish bath after a tiring day exploring the gorgeous Cappadocia!


What a private getaway experience in the heart of Cappadocia, in the historic part of Uchisar. Great architecture and craftsmanship are obvious to the eyes once you enter the hotel. Simple, cozy and home-style vibe will keep you in comfort. Not one room is similar to the other. You are a 5-minute walk from Pigeon valley, which happens to be visible from the terrace of the rooms. 

Phocas Cave Suites

The Phocas Cave Suites are situated in Cavusin Village, which places you just two kilometers from Goreme's town center and the well-known Open Air Museum. Although the accommodations in the rooms are comfortable, the space is nevertheless obviously void.

Terra Cave Suites

A cave habitation from the 19th century now serves as the Terra Cave Suites Hotel in Goreme. You may interact with the many people who have lived for generations in cave dwellings in Cappadocia by staying at the hotel.

Travellers Cave Pension