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Best Cafes & Restaurants in Cappadocia You Must Visit

Cappadocia is full of natural, cultural, and historical wonders! Food culture is a very important part of this amazing region. Cappadocia has an extensive and unique cuisine which is a combination of various cultures lived side by side in Anatolia.

In this article, we gathered the best cafes and restaurants you have to try on your Cappadocia trip. But before we dig into this amazing cuisine, let’s have a look at the Cappadocia Travel Pass® which is created with love and experience. Cappadocia Travel Pass® is created by the Istanbul Tourist Pass® team who has over 25+ years of experience in tourism. In tourism, we all know that experience matters. So, for an unforgettable trip, Cappadocia Travel Pass® handpicked the best 35+ attractions, museums, and experiences and put a single price on it. To save time and money, buy your Pass today. Now, let’s eat!

Simply Delicious: Nazar Borek and Cafe

If you're interested in Turkish cuisine, you must visit Nazar Borek and Cafe, which is situated in the sleepy village of Goreme. One of the greatest restaurants in Cappadocia for a view is Nazar's Place, which is run by a local family and is situated on a hill with views across the garden. The chef creates mouthwatering meals that are extremely reasonably priced using fresh ingredients that they farm in their garden. You can eat local foods like borek and gozleme while sitting outside on the balcony or inside the cave house. While you wait, you can sit and take in the sunset over the fairy chimneys because everything is freshly prepared.

A Unique Gourmet Experience: Lil’a

Lil'a is the à la carte restaurant of Museum Hotel which is the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Turkey. It serves its customers the finest Turkish dishes as well as those unique, almost lost-to-time traditional flavors of Anatolia and Cappadocia. Lil'a offers the most distinctive interpretations of Anatolian cuisine and Cappadocia food culture with the assurance of the internationally renowned Relais & Châteaux service quality. Lil'a is located in one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas of Cappadocia, and its menus are enhanced by the innovative suggestions of Chef Saygin Sesli, one of the most successful chefs of the new generation in Turkey.

Lil’a is one of the chicest restaurants in the region. So be aware that there is a tolerable dress code, and you must appear elegant enough to enter. Their menu is broad, and the setting and culinary presentation are also excellent. Their most well-liked dishes are lamb shank and duck that has been pit grilled. This is perfect for special occasions and romantic evenings.

A Tasting Journey in Layers of History: Seki Restaurant

Seki Restaurant, which derives its name (which translates to "terraces on the hills") from the verdant terraces of our hotel, has left a lasting impression on the taste buds and minds of its customers with a variety of flavors that live up to its moniker. Seki is one of the most acclaimed and well-liked restaurants in the Cappadocia region, and it is situated in one of the largest and oldest monasteries in the world, above the cellar, one of this area's key places.

Seki Restaurant based its service on the principle of using the freshest ingredients to produce any meal in the finest way possible. Seki Restaurant has consistently been named among the "best" by worldwide publications and organizations. A memorable experience is created when the distinctive valley terrain, which has long served as a haven for ancient civilizations, is blended with regional flavors created by renowned chefs.

Local Foods Prepared by Locals: Sakli Konak Restaurant

Following feedback from hotel guests and requests from tourists for local food, the Sakli Konak Cappadocia Hotel has opened its doors to visitors from outside the hotel. Due to its location, the restaurant has access to fresh, organic ingredients that are produced nearby. Pembe Abla, a famous and talented chef who has been in publications and documentaries, prepares the majority of the dishes. Serpil and Imran, the other two local chefs, are both extraordinarily skilled and knowledgeable in the kitchen.

In Sakli Konak Restaurant, they opt not to have professional culinary staff because we want you to taste authentic regional cuisine prepared by authentic locals. On the other hand, the level of service and the waiters' demeanor toward their customers are consistent with a high-end restaurant in a cozy setting. Their goal is to provide a whole meal that appeals to taste, visual, and other senses all at once.

A living tradition in Göreme: Dibek Restaurant

Dibek Restaurant offers to taste regional specialties while experiencing and participating in tradition in a cozy and inviting old-house setting. The restaurant is a classic home-cooked restaurant that is situated in the heart of Göreme. The structure of the restaurant dates back more than 475 years. Stables and a storage room were initially located on the ground floor. The dwelling quarters were on the higher levels. Round tables are placed on the floor to serve meals. As you eat, you can do so while seated on cushions around the round table.

The most popular foods are testi kebab, kurufasulye, handmade manti, and famous pottery kebab. Aside from kayisi tatlisi, traditional desserts are worth trying. Homemade wine is also offered at Dibek Restaurant.

Magic of the Past, Beauty of Today: Old Greek House

The Mustafapasa village contains the Old Greek House. This charming neighborhood in the center of Cappadocia was formerly known as Sinasos, which is Turkish for "The City of the Sun." Be prepared to experience the charm of the past and the beauty all around you as you enter Old Greek House and enjoy some of Cappadocia's most delicious cuisine. This unknown gem's valleys leave the visitor in awe of its beauty and with a sense of the ageless heritage of both present and past generations. Almost all of the food is homemade; you should dry their appetizers and olive oil dishes.

Bonus: Tık Tık Women Co-op Eatery

This is not just a cafe serving delicious food for a reasonable price but also a meaningful place changing the lives of many women. Housewives in Urgup came together and they created a cooperative and started their own restaurant. In this special place, you can eat gozleme and other great local dishes and meet these amazing women. With your Cappadocia Travel Pass®, you will have a free tea treat in Tik Tik Women Co-op Eastery. Don’t forget to taste their amazing cookies!

Before or after a great meal, there is so much to do in Cappadocia. Here is the complete list of 35+ amazing attractions, offers, and experiences you can do with the Cappadocia Travel Pass®. Don’t miss the chance to save time and money, buy your Pass today! See you in Cappadocia.


What food is Cappadocia famous for?

You must try manti (Turkish ravioli) and pottery kebab in Cappadocia but there are many other great local dishes like; gozleme, aside, dolaz, etc.

Are there markets in Cappadocia?

Yes, there are many small and big markets, and also open-air bazaars in Cappadocia.

Are there nice restaurants in Cappadocia?

Yes, you can find both fine-dining restaurants and local cafes side by side in Cappadocia.

Can I try local food in Cappadocia?

Yes, there are many local eateries serving the most authentic local foods to visitors.

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