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Best Honeymoon Hotels in Cappadocia: Romantic Getaway 2023

For a romantic getaway for two, Cappadocia has an effortless romantic side that enchants honeymooners and steals their hearts. It has a lot to offer, including hot air balloon flights with surprises, nonstop hikes in lovely valleys, ancient neighborhoods, hidden cave hotels, monasteries, stunning museums, delectable regional food, and more. In this article to assist you in organizing the ideal honeymoon in Cappadocia, we look at the top-rated and best hotels here for a perfect honeymoon.

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Now let’s get back to the best honeymoon hotels in Cappadocia. If you are interested in cave hotels, we have an article for you, click here to read more about the best cave hotels in Cappadocia. Even with its busy areas, Cappadocia offers peaceful neighborhoods that provide delightfully romantic lodgings with first-rate service and extras like fine linens, warm bathrooms, and a bunch of rich facilities. Also, you can schedule time for a spa, fitness center, yoga classes, swimming pool, and hair and makeup salon.

Divan Cave Hotel

Divan Cave Hotel, one of several great honeymoon getaway options, is your home away from home and provides many luxurious services to make your stay more pleasurable. By 2023, it is the best choice for honeymooners according to previous visitors’ comments. This hotel guarantees that it will be a romantic spot for its visitors to make lifelong memories because it is so close to some of the major attractions, just a 5-minute walk from the Roman Castle and Göreme National Park. Staying within walking distance of major attractions is a great plus for a hotel. The hotel has also an excellent terrace on which you can watch amazing views of Goreme and the hot air balloons in the morning. In the comments of previous hotel visitors, they always mention the friendly staff and it is also an incredible plus for a hotel, especially for a special time like a honeymoon. Goreme is a historic, small, and very safe village, visitors can walk around even in the middle of the night. You will want to go back for longer holidays after your stay at this amazing hotel.

Kayakapi Premium Caves

This one is from Urgup’s historical neighborhood Kayakapi. The ancient location of the Kayakapi neighborhood, sometimes referred to as the "Landowners' Neighborhood," in Urgüp, which is situated at the heart of Cappadocia. The Kayakapi Premium Caves in Cappadocia are made up of numerous historical buildings and cave homes and are recognized by UNESCO and the World Heritage Center. You can be one of the lucky visitors to this ancient district, which features the Cave Church from the tenth century, the Seljuq-era Mosque, and the House of St. John the Russian with its singular perspective over Urgup and Cappadocia. The hotel has wonderful views, a great location, unique rooms, excellent breakfast options, and friendly service. So Kayakapi as its name mentions offers a premium lodging option. For a honeymoon, it is definitely a great option. Visitors generally loved their restaurant and relaxing spa. A spa experience on a honeymoon? Sounds so romantic!

Aren Cave Hotel & Art Gallery

Let’s go back to Goreme and check out Aren Cave Hotel. This hotel is a family-run cave boutique hotel right in the center of Goreme. Being in the center is an advantage so you will be near to many restaurants, banks, shops and more. It is also within a walking distance from Goreme Open Air Museum. Aren Cave Hotel is generally reviewed as clean, cozy, and well-organized. Previous visitors loved the breakfast, who doesn’t love a well-prepared delicious Turkish breakfast? Being a family-run hotel makes a difference, it means the owners are very careful about their house-hotel so they generally think of every detail for you, a great place to feel the famous Turkish hospitality. In a special time like a honeymoon, you will feel family warmth all around you, you will be taken care of!

Arinna Cappadocia

Arinna Cappadocia is a relatively small cave hotel in Goreme. The hotel has only 10 rooms some of which are real cave rooms while some are rooms made of local stones. Arinna has a beautiful view of Goreme, you’ll love the hot air balloons flying over the amazing Cappadocia in the early mornings. This hotel is especially great for honeymoon couples because you can have a quiet and romantic time throughout the day. Imagine a hotel just for you, Arinna makes you feel like it. Previous visitors loved the decorations and comfort of the hotel rooms, and they mention how the staff was helpful and friendly. While you are having delicious breakfasts served in the morning, you will have many options for dinner around. If you love to have a peaceful time without crowds on your honeymoon, Arinna can be your hotel! We recommend you reserve a room with a hot tub in it!

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Now, we are in Ayvali Village in Urgup! This 35-room troglodyte cave hotel opened in 1998 and then it has undergone an amazing restoration process. The hotel is housed in a renovated Byzantine monastery that dates back a thousand years. It provides modern facilities without taking away from the area's spiritual atmosphere, which has been known to be inhabited for over five thousand years. Many international travel guides list the Gamirasu Cave Hotel as one of the greatest cave hotels in Cappadocia. Business Insider has compiled a list of "50 great hotels you should stay in during your lifetime." In wedding magazines, it is also touted as a lovely getaway for honeymoons. Gamirasu includes a Byzantine Christian church from the 12th century; up until recently, Christian monks continued to use a portion of the hotel. The mood is warm and romantic, and the finish is beautiful. In fact, many couples choose the secluded cave suites to access some of the most spectacular and unforgettable landscapes in the world, making it the ideal honeymoon destination.

So, if you decide on your hotel, the second step must be to have a Cappadocia Travel Pass®! This Pass gives you access to 35+ amazing attractions including a discounted hot air balloon ride, the famous Red Tour, and more. Especially don’t miss the underground cities, the entrance to them is free with Cappadocia Travel Pass®.


Is Cappadocia good for honeymoon?

Cappadocia is a perfect honeymoon destination! Together with its stunning and distinctive scenery, the area offers horseback riding and romantic pleasures like hot air balloon rides at daybreak. Couples can relax and enjoy cave hotels after days spent exploring historic sites and souks.

Which part of Cappadocia is best?

Cappadocia is a huge region with many neighborhoods. If you love luxury, then Urgup and Cappadocia is the best address for you to stay. But you can find a variety of small towns to visit and stay in. Avanos is also worth visiting while you are around!

Are there good hotels for honeymoon in Cappadocia?

Yes, there are great honeymoon hotels in Cappadocia! Especially the cave hotels have a unique and romantic atmosphere.

Is Cappadocia romantic for couples?

With its fairy chimneys, pottery studios, amazing wines, underground villages, neighborhood bazaars, and other attractions, Cappadocia is one of the most romantic places on earth.

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