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Shopping in Cappadocia: Local Foods, Wine, Souvenir, and More

Cappadocia is an amazing place full of many magical experiences, breathtaking scenes, and unique living. A trip to Cappadocia is always full of surprises, you may leave this beautiful region with unexpected coincidences and unforgettable memories. In this article, we are going to be looking at the things you can buy from Cappadocia to take home with you. Souvenirs, wines, local foods, and many more may help you to remember the beautiful days you were in Cappadocia. Don’t forget to buy some for your loved ones back home. 

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Handcrafted Pottery

One of the most popular souvenirs to purchase in Cappadocia is ceramics, and the area has a long tradition of creating stunning and distinctive items. The characteristic red clay used to create Cappadocian traditional pottery is used, and it is embellished with elaborate patterns and decorations.

Pottery is among the most sought-after goods to purchase in Cappadocia. The area is renowned for its remarkable ceramic works that are produced utilizing conventional methods and patterns. A variety of pottery is made by local craftspeople, from ornamental plates and bowls to practical cups and saucers. Iconic Iznik tulips are hand-painted in vivid blue and white and appear in some of the most well-liked patterns.

Bowls, plates, vases, and decorative items are all made of pottery by local artists using traditional techniques. Because each piece of pottery is handcrafted and has a distinctive personality and style, they are excellent gifts for loved ones back home.

Many of the regional markets and pottery shops provide local ceramics for sale to tourists. The most well-known stores include Kapadokya El Sanatlar, Avanos Seramik, and Chez Galip. Famous pottery studio and museum Chez Galip sells a variety of clay items, from classic styles to more modern pieces. Alternatively, a family-run company called Avanos Seramik specializes in hand-painted ceramics, while Kapadokya El Sanatlar sells a variety of pottery items created by regional craftsmen. Don’t worry about carrying these goodies if you want to shop. They wrap them for you to carry easily and protect the products, or they can ask the seller if they can send them by cargo and most of the sellers can.

Purchasing locally-made ceramics in Cappadocia not only results in a lovely and one-of-a-kind memento, but it also helps the area's pottery industry and rich cultural legacy to be preserved. Hence, when you visit Cappadocia, be sure to set aside some time to browse the local pottery shops and markets in order to discover the ideal ceramic item to bring back with you.

Jewelry and beautiful Natural Gemstones

Cappadocia but specifically Avanos is famous for its gemstones and jewelry. The gemstones that have been brought to Avanos from all over the world, including turquoise, lapis, amethyst, emerald, onyx, and saffron, are being combined with silver or clothing to create gemstones or jewelry. In Avanos, there are many excellent small and medium gemstone workshops.

Another well-liked souvenir in Cappadocia is jewelry. There has been a long tradition of producing stunning and distinctive silver and copper jewelry in the region. The most well-known pieces are pendants with images of the recognizable Cappadocia hot air balloons, elaborately crafted rings, and filigree earrings.

You can see many jewels which have ‘Nazar Boncuk’ on them. These eye-shaped amulets are said to protect against curses, poor karma, and bad luck. The Nazar Boncuk, or Evil Eye, is everywhere in Turkey when you first arrive and start gazing about. They are attached on the outside of homes or at entranceways, worn as jewelry, hanging from rearview mirrors, and even woven into the collar of prize sheep. When purchasing souvenirs in Cappadocia, you must purchase the evil eye, or Nazar Boncuk as it is called across Turkey. 

Handmade Rugs and Carpets

Cappadocia and especially Urgup and Avanos towns developed their carpet and rug industries even before the Ottoman era. In Cappadocia, there are several high-quality carpet and rug stores. Hand-woven carpets are preferred souvenirs to purchase in Cappadocia. The art of carpet weaving has a long history in the area, and many local families still do it now.

Each of these carpets and rugs has its own narrative to tell and is available in a variety of hues and designs. They bring beauty to any home and serve as a priceless reminder of your journey to Cappadocia.

Delicious Wine from Local Grapes 

There are lots of regional wineries and wine shops if you're seeking for wine to take home. One of the most well-known vineyards in Cappadocia is Turasan Winery, which sells a variety of excellent wines. Another well-liked option is Kocabag, which specializes in producing high-quality wines in modest quantities.

Okuzgozu, Bogazkere, and Narince are the most often utilized grapes in Cappadocia, and they are used to make a variety of wines, including red, white, and rosé. The wines made in Cappadocia have a unique personality and a skillfully balanced acidity and fruitiness. Many of the regional wineries, as well as wine shops and markets, sell local wines that tourists can purchase. Turasan, Kocaba, and Kocabag Winery are some of Cappadocia's most well-known wineries. Mahzen Winery with its house wine brand Sarıkaya is also one of the most visited wineries in the region.  

The oldest and biggest winery in Cappadocia, Turasan offers a variety of wines for sale. Kocabag, on the other hand, is a boutique winery that focuses on creating high-quality wines in modest quantities. Another well-liked option is Kocabag Vineyards, which sells a selection of red, white, and rosé wines.

In addition to being a tasty souvenir, purchasing a bottle of regional wine in Cappadocia also helps the region's winemakers and vineyards. Explore the local wineries and wine shops in Cappadocia while you're there if you love wine or are just seeking a special and delectable gift to take home.

For that reason, Cappadocia Travel Pass® offers you free entrance to the unique Mahzen Winery so you can taste wine from local grapes, meet with winemakers, and see their unique techniques come from hundreds of years. 

Local Delicacies

When visiting this region of Turkey, raisins, fruit pastilles, and molasses that people enjoy for breakfast can be good choices if you're seeking for locally produced goods, particularly dry fruits. One of Turkey's most well-known apricot-producing regions is Nevsehir. Because raisins are so popular, some even add them to minced meat. Markets and stores nearby sell a wide variety of goods. Nevsehir is also the nation's primary producer of pumpkin seeds. A good amount can be bought for not too much money. When purchasing food in Cappadocia markets, be on the lookout for seeds as they are extensively distributed around the region.

More than only wine and grape molasses are produced from the grapes grown in Cappadocia. köftür, a type of sweet, sugar-free jelly, is also made here. When grape juice that has been drained from the harvest is cooked with flour added until it has a particular texture, köftür results. After resting for a day, the product is cut into pieces and baked in the sun for three to seven days. This is a unique treat to the area, and like raisins, it is available all year round. All around Cappadocia, markets sell Köftür.

The dried cream, known in Turkish as "kuru kaymak," is unlike anything you've ever tasted. I'm not sure how to put that into words. It resembles a wafer, a cracker, and the cream of the crop all at once (literally). It is consumed by slicing off a piece and drizzling it with honey, jam, or some similar sauce. The settlement named Kaymakli, which is close to the Derinkuyu Underground City is where the dried cream is made. It takes five days to dry out properly as on a tray and demands a lot of talent to manufacture. Taste it and buy some to take home if you love it as we do. 


What can you buy in Cappadocia Turkey?

Here is a list for you to buy as souvenirs in Cappadocia:

  1. Fairy Chimney Miniatures
  2. Handmade Pottery And Ceramics
  3. Handcrafted Jewelry Made with Gemstones
  4. Handmade Wine - especially in fairy-chimney-shaped bottles
  5. Carpet and Rug From Avanos and Goreme.
  6. Regional Clothed Handmade Dolls
  7. Local Food Like Raisins, Pestil, and Molasses From All Over Cappadocia.
  8. Dry Local Delicacies Like Koftur
  9. Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Products
  10. Scarves and Other Clothing

Can you shop in Cappadocia?

You can shop in Cappadocia. Cappadocia region is not a city but a historical region that has lands over many different cities. So you can expect to see many local shopping centers and bigger shopping malls in the region. 

What is the Speciality of Cappadocia?

Buy local handmade wine and handcrafted ornaments like pottery, dolls, and miniatures from Cappadocia. Buy also dried raisins, apricots, and local delicacies in Cappadocia.

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