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Uçhisar: What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Expect

There are many to discover in Cappadocia in which there are different districts all of which have a unique identity. In this article, we will be looking at the Uchisar which is one of the most luxurious towns in the area.

Located 6 km east of Nevşehir, 12 km west of Ürgüp, and 10 km south of Avanos, Uçhisar was founded on the region known as the royal road in the Persian period and the Silk Road in the Seljuk period. It is located at the skirts of a huge rock 40 km above where you first start to see the fairy chimneys.

Millions of people from all over the world visit this charming town, which is also famous for its rock-carved houses, a tandoori house, and a cider house. The Red Tour, one of the daily Cappadocia tours, visits Uçhisar Castle. Don’t forget Cappadocia Travel Pass® includes the Red Tour along with 25+ other great attractions.

History of Uçhisar

Although it is not known when the first settlement here was, Uçhisar is the first gate to Cappadocia. The oldest history of Uçhisar dates back to the Neolithic period with the Polished Stone found in the excavations of Aşıklı and Topaklı Höyük. In the excavations of Acem Höyük and Kültepe, the first written tablets of Anatolia belonging to the Hittite and Assyrian periods were found. Uçhisar has been both a watchtower of the underground cities and a defense zone with the castle chosen by the first Christians to hide.

When it comes to the Anatolian Principalities, it was colloquially known as Ucasar since it was the border of the Seljuks and Karamanids in the east and the Kadı Burhanettin Principality in the west. The 3 neighborhood fountains that have survived from the Seljuk period carry traces of the settlement of Uçhisar at that time. So much so that the water of the fountains was brought from Gemil Mountain, 3 km away, by laying pipes, and small pools were built between them, allowing the water to be cleaned and rested. Uçhisar joined the Ottoman lands in 1398 during the reign of Yıldırım Bayazıt.

Uçhisar Castle

Uçhisar Castle is the highest point and windiest place in Nevşehir Cappadocia. Even if you have to climb hundreds of steps to reach the summit, you’ll eventually say 'it's worth it' and hug the clouds! Especially at sunset, we recommend you do not miss the fairy chimneys painted red by the sun and the riot of colors reflected from the valley. Uçhisar Castle is also called the 'eye of Cappadocia', probably because it shows the whole region from the snowy head of Erciyes, the highest mountain of Anatolia, to Mount Hasan. The castle, which was used for both concealment and defense by the first Christians fleeing the persecution of the Romans, was also used as a watchtower during the Seljuk period.

The majesty of Uçhisar Castle, reminiscent of the multi-story, multi-window skyscrapers of city life, stems from the silhouette formed by two pointed fairy chimneys nesting together, with a height of 100 meters when measured from the north. The larger of these fairy chimneys is called 'Aga's Castle' and the smaller one is called 'Sergeant's Castle'. The summit of the castle not only offers a spectacular view but also allows you to touch history. Encountering water cisterns and carved tombs, the enemy grieves.

Staying in Uchisar

Many of Uçhisar's hotels, inns, rental houses, and pensions offer cave rooms, such as the Kale Konak Hotel. However, visitors come there mainly to climb through tunnels to the top of the hisar, the tall rock outcrop, and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. It's the only view of Cappadocia better than a hot air balloon's.

With its architecture, shaped with history and restored with a modern touch, Uchisar has become one of the best places for accommodation in Cappadocia. There are luxury hotels of international standards in Cappadocia. Here are some great hotels. If you’d like more choices here amazing cave hotels in Cappadocia.

Argos in Cappadocia

A few steps down the slope in Uchisar is Argos Hotel, one of the best 30 hotels in the world, which consists of mansions that have been restored to reflect the spirit of Cappadocia with authentic decorations and high-quality facilities. Tunnels from underground cities connect each mansion to vaults containing the special wines produced with Cappadocia grapes. Travelers looking for comfort and luxury usually come to Erciyes to say 'good morning' and watch the white color of the unique valley in front of them.

Taskonaklar Boutique Hotel

Having restored historical stone houses and caves at the western end of Guvercinlik Valley, Taskonaklar has become one of the most beautiful hotels in the region. In your room's terrace, you can enjoy the greatness of Erciyes' history and the deep silence of the valley, and you can enjoy the comforts of masterful architecture. Each room in Taskonaklar has a different and mystical story. They restored the architecture with in faith to the original and protect all details. You can reach the Guvercinlik Valley from Taskonaklar just in 5 minutes by walk.

Takaev Cave Hotel & Guest House

Showing the landscape of Guvercinlik Valley like a postcard, the hotel offers a different accommodation experience with its comfortable 7 rooms with a capacity of 25 guests. With its features, it was awarded an international prize in 2014. It offers home comfort by its name, but it is a cave house. You will wake up as if you were in different eras of history in the terraces and stone vaulted rooms and you will not forget the flavors of the cuisine, you will also remember Uchisar with this hotel.

CCR Hotel & Spa

This hotel is located in Uchisar, the highest point of Cappadocia, transforming the cultural journey into a beautiful dream that will always be remembered with its panoramic view of Guvercinlik Valley, Avanos, Goreme, and Ortahisar. The hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the Goreme Open Air Museum. From almost all rooms you can enjoy the view of the flying balloons in the sky and relieve your fatigue with a massage after a hike through the valley.

Museum Hotel

This hotel reflects Cappadocia like a museum with all its mystical and authentic features. Like all hotels in Cappadocia, it offers a panoramic view of Uchisar and presents organic and unique flavors. You will fill your glass with red or white wine from the wine fountain with the voice of the crackling fireplace and you will be immersed in the magnificent landscape.


Is Uchisar Castle worth visiting?

Uchisar Castle is an amazing place with lots of cool rock formations and caves to explore. We had a lot of fun climbing over the rocks and taking photos of the cave dwellings.

Is it better to stay in Goreme or Uchisar?

If you like to be in the center of attractions then Goreme is a better choice. But if you’d like to stay in a luxury hotel then you can find great choices in Uchisar.

How do you pronounce Uchisar?

Uçhisar is pronounced as Uch-his-sar.

What is the Uchisar Castle?

Uçhisar Castle is crisscrossed by numerous underground passages and rooms, most of which are now closed or impassable, but in Byzantine times served as living quarters and perhaps as monasteries. Perhaps around 1,000 people once lived in the castle, although it is no longer inhabited today.

What are the top attractions to visit in Uchisar?

  • Uchisar Castle
  • Tığraz Castle
  • Kuran Castle
  • Karakale
  • Guvercinlik Valley
  • Goreme National Park
  • Cevizli


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