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Urgup: the Heart of Cappadocia

Ürgüp is the heart of Cappadocia! Traditional Cappadocia tourism has been centered in Ürgüp, while adjacent Göreme Town has recently grown to be a significant tourist hub. The distinction between wealthy tourists and tour groups visiting Ürgüp and backpackers visiting Göreme has shifted. Both cities now feature wonderful boutique hotels and inns, albeit Ürgüp does have a greater number of these.

In this article, we are going to dig into Ürgüp’s magnificent attractions but before that, let’s check out the Cappadocia Travel Pass® and the 25+ amazing handpicked attractions included in it.

General Information About Ürgüp

Ürgüp, like the majority of Cappadocian settlements, is built on a valley's steep walls and extends for a considerable distance down its floor.

Ürgüp, which has a volcanically formed geological structure, was founded in an area with a high density of unique natural formations known as fairy chimneys that are the result of wind and rain erosion. A very beautiful and distinctive landscape picture has been produced by the fairy chimneys growing between the gaps caused by the erosion of the rainwater coming from the valley slopes and subsequently the winds.

Nevşehir is 20 miles away. One of the most significant cities in the Cappadocia Region is Ürgüp. It has gone by various names over history, just like Göreme. Osiana (Assiana) during the Byzantine period, Hagios Prokopios during the Seljuk period, Başhisar during the Ottoman period, Burgut castle during the Republic's early years, and Ürgüp since then.

Ürgüp is approximately 20 km from Nevşehir center. It is the largest town in the region. It hosts the most popular venues in the region such as Üç Güzeller and Asmalı Konak. Ürgüp is a historical tourism center. It is a district where you can have a great time sightseeing and with its live music venues, cafes, restaurants, and stone courtyards where you can have fun with friends. Let's check out amazing places to see in Ürgüp. 

Üç Güzeller (Three Beauties)

This is the view we see most in Cappadocia photographs. Three fairy chimneys with hats, two of which are large and one of which is small, are known as the 'Three Beauties'. This trio has become the symbol of Cappadocia. These are probably the most famous fairy chimneys in the world. It is the place where hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to the region every year take the most photos. Üç Güzeller is located 5 minutes away from the center of Ürgüp, on the way to Ortahisar. It is almost impossible to see a fairy chimney with a hat, whose aesthetics have never been spoiled. That's why the Three Beauties are one of the most precious in Cappadocia.

There are different legends about these three fairy chimneys. The most popular one is again an impossible love story. The legend of the Three Beauties is briefly as follows; Once upon a time, the daughter of the King of Cappadocia fell in love with a shepherd. Despite all his father's objections, these two got married. And their children were born. But the King, who could not accept the situation, ordered his soldiers to not listen to the grandson and kill the family. Just when they were about to be killed, the girl begged God to get rid of this situation. At that moment, all three of them turned to stone there. The two big stones are the parents, and the little one is their child.

Sobesos Ancient City

Dozens of tombs, mosaic pieces, baths, churches, and a hall belonging to the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods were unearthed during the excavations in the Ancient City of Sobesos in the Şahinefendi Village of Ürgüp. Sobesos Ancient City is about half an hour from the center of Ürgüp.

Gomeda Valley (Devil's Creek)

Gomeda Valley starts a few kilometers south of Ürgüp, right next to the town of Mustafapaşa. It is a place that stays in the shadow of other valleys because it does not contain many fairy chimneys. There are several churches in the valley, a cave used as a rainwater collection reservoir, shelters, and pigeon cavities that look like apartments when viewed from the outside. Gomeda is a mysterious valley that is not known much and is pleasant to explore.

Üzengi Valley

This place is located just after the Gomeda Valley. Üzengi Valley is an environment that attracts people with its churches, natural springs, streams, and thousands of pigeon houses carved into the rocks.

The area around Üzengi Stream, which passes right next to the pigeon houses, is a place people choose to have a picnic. The environment is so peaceful that it is a place of rest with its vineyards, gardens and sometimes boiling mineral waters. Gaseous and iron-smelling mineral water is good for digestive disorders and kidney ailments.

Temenni Hill

It is the highest point of Ürgüp and has the most beautiful view. Even Erciyes Mountain can be seen from its summit. One of the two cupolas on Temenni Hill is a tomb. The name of the summit began to be known as Temenni Tepesi due to the people coming to this shrine to tie the cloth and make wishes. Ürgüp is a very impressive place that should be on the list of places to visit.

Asmalı Konak Mansion

The house where Asmalı Konak, the most popular Turkish TV series of the period, was shot between 2002 and 2003, is located in the center of Ürgüp. More precisely, let's call it the most famous house in the series. Because Asmalı Konak was shot in many different points of Ürgüp and it was an important product in terms of promoting the region. Asmalı Konak, which is currently used as a museum, is a very photogenic building. When you go to the center of Ürgüp, do not pass without having a cup of tea in its courtyard.

Mazı Underground City

This historical building, which a shepherd found by chance in 1995, is 20 km from Ürgüp. It is taken from Mazı Village, which is as far south as This underground city, which hosted the Phrygian, Lydian, Byzantine, and Roman civilizations and was also used as a shelter during the wars.

Mustafapasha Town

6 km from the center of Ürgüp, Mustafapaşa Town, located as far south as Cappadocia, is one of the most natural and untouched places in Cappadocia. The region, where hundreds of stone mansions are located, is a very warm environment with both its people and its naturalness. Some of the important points you can visit in the center of Mustafapaşa; are Mehmet Şakirpaşa Madrasa, Constantine-Eleni Church, St. Nicholas Monastery, St. Vasilios Church, Cappadocia Art and History Museum, St. Gregorius Church, other places you can visit in Ürgüp are Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex/İbrahimpaşa, Kurşunlu Mosque/İbrahimpaşa, Pink Valley and Kızılçukur. Valley.


Where to visit in Ürgüp?

Among the places to visit in Ürgüp; There are Asmalı Konak, Ürgüp Museum, Ürgüp City Bath, Turasan Wine House, Kızılçukur, Cappadocia Caves, Mazı Underground City, Keşlik Monastery, and Temenni Hill. Asmalı Konak, which has also been the subject of TV series, attracts the attention of many tourists with its architecture.

What's in Ürgüp?

A large part of Cappadocia, which is one of the most unique natural monuments of our country and spread over a wide region in Central Anatolia, is within the borders of Nevşehir, where Ürgüp and Göreme are also located.

Is Urgup worth visiting?

Yes, Urgup is the heart of the Cappadocia, enjoy the town's amazing sightseeing places and delicious wine. 

Can you see the balloons from Ürgüp?

Yes, you can see hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia from Ürgüp


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