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Cappadocia in January: What to wear, to expect and to do in Cappadocia in winter

Cappadocia is a magical place with its one-of-a-kind geography and nature. Winter is cold but still so beautiful in Cappadocia with amazing views of fairy chimneys, villages, and hills. There is so much to discover in Cappadocia in every season, here is what to do, what to wear, and what to see in winter in this land of fairies.

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Weather in Cappadocia in January 2023

First things first: Cappadocia is cold in winter, and historically January is the coldest month in the region. Temperatures reach a freezing point not only at night but sometimes during the day as well. But do not worry, the attractions remain open even in January. The average minimum temperature in Cappadocia in January is -5 °C. The average daily maximum temperature is 4.5°C. The days are short in January, with sunrise at around 8 AM and sunset at 5:30 PM.

In 2023, January in Cappadocia is expected to be cold but the sky will be mostly open with the winter sun. It may snow for a couple of days but don’t worry, snow is only making the beautiful Cappadocia even more beautiful.

What to wear in Cappadocia in January 2023

Cappadocia is generally cold and dry in winter. This year in 2023, we expect some snowy days in January. So basically warm clothes, snow pants, and winter boots are required if you like to be in open-air areas or hiking. All clothes should be waterproof in case of rain or snow. The best clothes are warm but light and sportive ones because you may want to walk comfortably, so you may prefer professional brands like Columbia or North Face.

If you like skiing you can rent snow clothes in the ski center but we always recommend you bring your own snow clothes, especially for comfort and hygiene.

Inside the cafes or hotels, it is generally really warm, especially cave hotels that have great protection from the cold. So it may be a good idea to bring some light clothes as well.

Is it a good idea to visit Cappadocia in January?

If you love cold days and thick clothes and then yes, Cappadocia is beautiful in winter, with fewer tourists, fewer lines, and budget-friendly options. Some days in January in Cappadocia can be cold but beautifully sunny You may have seen beautiful photos with snow on the ground and hot air balloons in the sky because hot air balloons generally fly even in winter. However, snow may stop the hot air balloons in January, and for security purposes because Cappadocia is very hilly, and it can be risky to fly from an icy land.
Keep in mind that Cappadocia is very quiet in winter, so the town of Goreme, which is the main tourist town, is not so busy and lively in the winter months.

What to do in Cappadocia in Winter?

There are too many to see, to do, and of course to taste in Cappadocia in every season. But winter is generally assumed as a difficult time to travel. Actually, if you love to travel without huge crowds, then winter is the best time of the year.  Especially in Cappadocia, you may feel like you own the place because of its quietness. Here are some suggestions for you but for a more comprehensive list, check out 25+ amazing attractions included in Cappadocia Travel Pass®

Hike through the amazing valleys of Cappadocia

Hiking in Cappadocia is one of the best ways to explore the region. There are many wonderful hiking routes, but the most popular one is the route through the Red and Rose Valleys. It not only offers incredible views, but also cave dwellings, churches, and unique rock formations along the way that showcase the best of Cappadocia.

Also, the hike should not be very long because the weather should be taken into account if you are traveling to Cappadocia during the winter months. If you want to hike at sunset, you can quickly walk into the valley from the viewpoint and spend the way back to your hotel. We don’t recommend you hike at night, especially in winter.

There are also snowshoe walking tours that are gaining popularity in the region. These are basically guided hiking trips with big and nonslippery snowshoes. If you love long walks and you don't mind the cold, then this is a great experience for you. 

Enjoy Turkish Bath and Massage

After a day of hiking in the cold, there is no better way to warm up and soothe your aching limbs than to bathe in the warm thermal waters of a Turkish bath. Turkish baths or hammams were adopted by the Ottomans from the Romans and appeared in most major cities in Turkey.

As a social ritual, Turkish baths are more than just baths. You'll share a public bath in thermal waters, surrounded by a room full of stunning mosaics. You can also get a traditional Turkish bath massage, also known as a Turkish scrub, where a professional masseuse scrubs the dead skin off her body after bathing. Afterward, you can relax in the hammam to improve your blood circulation.

Check here the best Hammam experience in Cappadocia, it is totally FREE with Cappadocia Travel Pass® holders, enjoy!

Hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia in winter is one of the most magical experiences you can have. Imagine seeing the vast desert landscape covered with snow from above. This is definitely an experience to remember!

Balloon flights are taking place in Cappadocia nearly 300 days a year, depending on the weather. So you have a pretty good chance to ride in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia in winter.

However, if you want to take a hot air balloon ride in the winter, you need to plan a few days to allow for possible cancelations due to the weather. Hot air balloon rides do not happen every day, so you should allow at least three or four days to make sure you get a flight.

Don’t forget to get your Cappadocia Travel Pass® which includes a hot air balloon ride along with 25+ amazing attractions. You’ll love the savings you make!

Ski Trip to Erciyes Mountain

Cappadocia might not seem like a top-notch ski resort, but there is so much to discover here. The sixth-highest mountain in Turkey is Mount Erciyes, a dormant volcano. The Erciyes Mountain is located south of Kayseri and east of Goreme at a height of 3,916 meters above sea level.

Cappadocia's only ski resort opened in 2011 with 150 kilometers of slopes on 33 runs, it's suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. There is a possibility that you won't be able to ski at the level you want on Erciyes Mountain if you're an advanced skier or technical skier.

This activity is great if you're in Cappadocia during the winter season since it is high up on a mountain, and there is snow from November till March on the mountain.

To sum up

If you are undecided whether it's a good idea to visit Cappadocia in winter - don't! This beautiful region in Turkey is worth visiting at any time of the year, and in winter you'll enjoy lower prices, fewer crowds, and an even more magical landscape.

Check out here the most popular attractions in the Cappadocia region and don’t miss the chance to visit Cappadocia with a great deal!



Is it good to visit Cappadocia in January?

Yes, if you don’t mind the cold weather then Cappadocia is perfectly quiet and beautiful in January.

Does it snow in Cappadocia in January?

Sometimes it snows in Cappadocia in January but generally only for a couple of days.

Is hot air balloon open in Cappadocia in January?

Yes, hot air balloon rides are open every season so you may take a hot air balloon flight if the weather is not stormy.

How cold is Cappadocia in January?

Cappadocia is pretty cold in winter, it is around -4 degrees celsius at night and 2-4 degrees during the day.

What month does Cappadocia snow?

In high hills, you can see snow from December to March. But in 2023, we expect it to snow around the end of January.

Is 3 days enough in Cappadocia?

If it is your first time then yes you can cover nearly all tourist attractions in three days. But you will want to come again and stay longer to feel the amazing spirit of the land later on.

Is winter a good time to visit Cappadocia?

Yes if you are good with cold. It will be pretty quiet, less expensive, and amazingly beautiful. You feel like in a dream.

Is Cappadocia balloon Ride worth it?

Yes, the Cappadocia balloon ride is worth it and you can save incredibly if you buy a Cappadocia Travel Pass® which includes a hot air balloon ride and 25+ more attractions for a single price.

Do hot air balloons fly in snow Cappadocia?

Yes, if the land is not icy and the weather is not stormy then balloon rides continue.

Is Cappadocia worth the hype?

Just have a look at the amazing photos from Cappadocia, and imagine you are in that photos. Cappadocia is one of the rarest breathtaking natural places you may see in your lifetime.

What do people wear in Cappadocia in the winter?

Warm coats, waterproof boots, gloves, hats, and berets so bring your winter clothes with you.

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