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Top Japanese Things to do in Cappadocia in 2023

There have always been strong bonds between Turkey and Japan even though they are thousands of kilometers away. The most significant features of the relationship are Japan and Turkey's favorable perceptions of one another and their mutual support in times of dire need of help. Innumerable instances of the two people's goodwill and collaboration have already been seen, demonstrating the two countries as "friends of bad times" through mutual help efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes.

This deep-rooted cultural tie and friendship between Turkey and Japan lead to an increasing tourism activity between the two countries. Japanese people are always welcomed in Cappadocia and they surely love this mystical region.

In this article, we will particularly check the Japanese things to do in Cappadocia because Japanese people have a particular way of traveling and we wanted to give some tips to them.

Before starting, if you are coming from Japan or any other Far East country, you probably have a tour package. But it is fair to say that, if you can, come here without bordered tours. There are many opportunities for you to discover the region deeply and safely.

Cappadocia Travel Pass® is one of them. Created with 25+ years of experience in tourism, this Pass gives you access to 25+ attractions including the hot air balloon ride. So, why spend more money on the same attractions when you can have a safe and reliable deal? Check here and compare for yourself.

Let’s begin to discover the most popular Japanese things to do in Cappadocia!

Get Ready to Fly: Hot-air Balloon Ride

Ok, hot air balloon flights are not specific for Japanese visitors but we believe hot air balloon flights have a special place in Japanese people’s hearts. It is definitely the most iconic attraction in Cappadocia, and you have to experience it. Seeing the beautiful Cappadocia from above, watching the rising sun while your balloon goes up… It is dreamy and beautiful.

Recently, Japanese couples choose Cappadocia for their honeymoons or even for their weddings. For these couples and their guests, balloons present excellent and unforgettable memories. What can be more romantic than flying together above this amazing piece of land?

We know Japanese people want to make reservations and plan their trip beforehand. But choosing the right company online can be tricky since there are many companies and tour operators. That’s why we included the hot air balloon flight in our Cappadocia Travel Pass® so you can reliably reserve your place in a hot air balloon flight.

Discover the Wonders of Cappadocia: the Famous Red Tour

We know Japanese people want to discover as much as they can while they are traveling. You will go to amazing places with fascinating histories and breathtaking views on this tour. Let’s have a closer look at this famous tour to see the wonders of Cappadocia: the Red Tour.

The natural splendors of Üç Güzeller, Devrent Valley, and Love Valley will astound and surprise you. You will then go to Avanos, the best spot to make pottery! The Turkish Kizilirmak River, which literally translates to "red river," is where the red clay used in ceramics comes from.

This incredible tour also includes a visit to the Göreme Open Air Museum. You will see ancient monasteries, churches, and chapels carved into the fairy chimneys where early Christianity flourished here. Finally, you’ll visit the highest points in Cappadocia; Uçhisar Castle and Esentepe, which are renowned for having the best vistas for photographers. We know Japanese people love taking photos so don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram. Here is our Instagram account, follow us!

For you not to miss this amazing tour, Cappadocia Travel Pass® includes the Red Tour. All you need to have Cappadocia at its best, the Cappadocia Travel Pass® has gathered 25+ amazing attractions for a single price.

There is so much to see and to do in Cappadocia here are other great attractions for you to choose from among Cappadocia Travel Pass® attractions.

Asian and Japanese Food in Cappadocia

If you don’t have a medical situation, it is always a good idea to try local food while traveling. Cappadocia is heaven for delicious food and wine so we strongly advise you to enjoy Turkish cuisine while you are in this amazing place. We know Japanese people love Turkish kebabs but in case you feel homesick, in this article we have gathered the Far East restaurants for you.

A sushi place for you to try: Sushi Cappadocia

Just before the pandemic, around 100.000 Japanese tourists visited Cappadocia every year. After two quiet years, 2022 was a great year for tourism in the Cappadocia region. With the rising number of Japanese visitors, interest in Japanese culture is rising also in Cappadocia.

This sushi restaurant is a relatively new representative of this interest and it is called Sushi Cappadocia. So if you are around Urgup, you can try the Turkish way of sushi! They serve sushi along with some Japanese appetizers like edamame. You can also eat Miso soup there. Don’t forget to get some photos and share them with us on Instagram. Here is our Instagram account.

Far East Cuisine in Cappadocia

Here are some other Asian restaurants around the Cappadocia region. Interestingly they are all in Goreme so easy to find them.

  • China Town Restaurant: If you are up for some noodles then you can stop by this restaurant in the Goreme region.

  • Urizip Korean Restaurant: Korean food and a nice terrace, combined with vegan and vegetarian options.

  • Lan Zhou El Makarnasi: This small restaurant serves hand-made noodles and ramen choices.

  • Meihua Chinese Restaurant: This is the most popular Asian restaurant in the region. They serve Chinese platters and noodles.

Hotels for Japanese Visitors

Japanese people love authentic places and minimalist architecture. So Cave Hotels of Cappadocia would be a perfect match for them. You can also check the Uchisar region for luxury hotels in this article: Everything about Uchisar.

A Japanese Hotel in Cappadocia: Okura

Okura Spa & Resort Cappadocia is located in the center of Mustafapasa, a town adjacent to the ruins of the World Heritage Site of Cappadocia. With its wide stone landscape. Mustafapasa is a small tourist spot noted for its churches that retain the Greek architecture of the Ottoman Empire and its picturesque historic town. The Rock Sites of Cappadocia were placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1985 for their cultural value and beautiful scenery.

Consisting of two wings, the spa hotel, and the resort hotel, Okura Spa & Resort Cappadocia has a total of 130 rooms. With its suites, which come with Jacuzzis, and its spas, outdoor and indoor pools, and restaurants that serve wonderful Japanese cuisine. Okura Spa & Resort Cappadocia is a luxury resort hotel dedicated to relaxation and healing.

Through the warm hospitality and attention to detail for which Hotel Okura is famous, this hotel provides visitors to the World Heritage Sites and the tourist resort of Cappadocia with a place of repose and relaxation.

Bonus: Turkish Hammam Experience

We know Japanese tourists love their long walks and hikes. So, after great hiking throughout the day, you might want to rest a little bit. Dedicating a few hours to enjoying a hammam is an essential part of a great trip to Turkey!

Many cave hotels in Cappadocia also have hammams which you can enjoy but we strongly recommend you go to Sultan’s Turkish Bath. You will definitely understand why Turkish hammams are so popular and loved by many people.

Sultan’s Turkish Bath Experience at Historical Ürgüp Hammam is FREE with your Cappadocia Travel Pass®. You should definitely have this experience before you leave!

If you have any questions in mind, you can always text us from our WhatsApp line before you buy. Cappadocia Travel Pass® is created by CityBerry which has over 25 years of experience in tourism. CityBerry is also the creator of the Istanbul Tourist Pass® which is the first-ever city pass in Istanbul.

Experience matters in tourism and we know Japanese people value experience and excellence. So, don’t hesitate to ask any questions in mind, and have a great trip in Cappadocia. Here is our WhatsApp line


Are Japan and Turkey allies?

Yes, besides the states, it is fair to say Japanese and Turkish people have a deeply rooted friendship.

Are there many Japanese in Turkey?

A medium-sized population of Japanese people lives in Turkey, comprising mostly recent expats from Japan and their descendants born in Turkey. There are around 5000 Japanese people living in Turkey.

Are Turkish and Japanese related?

Turkish and Japanese languages are grammatically close to each other.

Is Cappadocia safe for Japanese tourists?

Yes, Cappadocia is great and safe for Japanese tourists. Every year thousands of Japanese tourists visit the region and enjoy Cappadocia.

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